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Vanuatu in Poetry


Vanuatu: A Shakespearean Tribute


Oh, fair Vanuatu, land of golden sun,
Where palm trees sway and ocean waves do run.
Thou art a jewel in the southern sea,
A paradise where all may roam free.

Thy coral reefs do sparkle bright and true,
And verdant hills are clad in emerald hue.
The gentle breeze that blows across thy shore
Doth whisper secrets that we can't ignore.

Thou art a land where nature doth abound,
With creatures rare and beauty all around.
The songs of birds and rustling leaves doth blend
To create a symphony that hath no end.

Oh, how thy people are so warm and kind,
Their generosity doth leave us blind.
Their laughter echoes through the hills and vales,
And every traveler's heart it doth regale.

So let us raise our voices high and sing
Of Vanuatu, the land of endless spring.
May all who come to thee find peace and joy,
And in thy beauty find a true employ.

Gairik Banerjee
April, the year of our Lord 2023


Vanuatu in the Southern Sea


In the southern seas, where the waves dance and play,
Lies a land of wonder, called Vanuatu they say,
Where the sun rises golden, and sets in a blaze,
And the stars shine like diamonds in a night-time haze.

Here, on this island, the sea is crystal clear,
And the sands are white, like a pure bridal gown,
And the palm trees sway in the gentle breeze,
As if they're welcoming all visitors with ease.

The people of Vanuatu are gentle and kind,
With smiles as warm as the sun in their sky,
And their hearts are pure, as the waters they tend,
A culture and way of life, we all should defend.

The music here is a symphony of life,
And the dance is a rhythm of the island soul,
And the traditions, handed down through time,
Are the essence of a people, proud and whole.

The food is a feast of exotic delights,
With flavors that dance on the tongue,
From the freshest fruits to the succulent meats,
It's a culinary journey that's never been sung.

The history of Vanuatu is a tale to behold,
Of a people who've overcome, with courage and grace,
And their legends are told, in stories untold,
A wisdom of the ages, that we all should embrace.

Oh, Vanuatu, your beauty is a song,
That echoes through the ages, forever long,
And your people, your traditions, your way of life,
Are a treasure to cherish, beyond price.

So let us sing, a hymn of praise,
To this land of beauty, and its gentle ways,
And may we honor, with every breath we take,
This island paradise, for all our sakes.

Gairik Banerjee
April, the year of our Lord 2023


Come to Vanuatu


On distant shores, beyond the sea,
Lies a land of pure beauty,
Where the sun sets with golden hue,
And the ocean's waves glisten anew.

Vanuatu, oh Vanuatu,
Land of verdant hills and oceans blue,
Where the air is sweet and the people kind,
And the melody of nature echoes in mind.

Beneath the canopy of lush green,
Lies a land of stories yet unseen,
Of ancient tales and customs old,
And a culture rich that never grows cold.

From the bustling markets of Vila town,
To the serene beaches with sands brown,
Vanuatu beckons with open arms,
And with every step, its magic charms.

Oh, how the sun sets in Efate isle,
With colors that make one's heart smile,
And how the stars twinkle in Tanna's night,
With a brilliance that's a heavenly sight.

From the rumbling volcanoes of Ambrym,
To the gentle breezes of Aneityum,
Vanuatu is a land of contrasts bold,
Where the wonders of nature never grow old.

And as the waves kiss the shore,
And the breeze whispers forevermore,
Vanuatu calls to the soul within,
And takes it on a journey to begin.

For in this land of endless wonder,
Lies a spirit that will never sunder,
A spirit of love, of life, of joy,
That every heart, it does employ.

So, if ever you seek a place to roam,
And let your heart and spirit roam,
Come to Vanuatu, oh come and see,
And find a love that's meant to be.

Gairik Banerjee
April, the year of our Lord 2023


Vanuatu Romanced in Iambic Pentameter


Vanuatu, a land of turquoise seas,
With sandy beaches and palm tree sways,
A paradise that fills our hearts with ease,
And fills our souls with endless rays.

The culture rich with ancient lore,
From Melanesians to Europeans,
A fusion of traditions to explore,
A tapestry of histories and fusions.

The volcanoes rise, majestic and bold,
Their fiery spirits beneath the ground,
A power felt, a story to be told,
A force of nature, forever unbound.

The people, kind and welcoming,
Their smiles warm and genuine,
A joy to meet, a pleasure knowing,
Their spirit, like the land, untamed and free.

Vanuatu, a jewel of the Pacific,
A treasure trove of wonders untold,
A place of beauty, a place terrific,
A destination waiting to unfold.

Gairik Banerjee
April, the year of our Lord 2023


Vanuatu Haiku


Azure blue waters,
Volcanic islands scattered,
Vanuatu's charm.

Gairik Banerjee
April, the year of our Lord 2023


Vanuatu Serenaded in Alexandrine Verse


Amidst the South Pacific, lies Vanuatu's land,
A string of eighty islands, alluring and grand,
From rugged mountains to the coral sea's embrace,
The island nation's beauty, one can't efface.

Volcanic islands with fertile soil and lush greens,
Harbor fauna and flora, unseen and serene,
A haven for the curious, the adventurous heart,
Where culture and tradition, play an integral part.

The Ni-Vanuatu, a blend of Melanesian tribes,
With a unique identity, that vibrantly imbibe,
Their native language and customs, still in bloom,
In a world that's changing, as fast as a sonic boom.

From Port Vila to Espiritu Santo's blue lagoon,
And Tanna's fiery volcano, that sings a tune,
Vanuatu's landscapes, a sight to behold,
A paradise on earth, a story to be told.

Gairik Banerjee
April, the year of our Lord 2023


The Beauty of Vanuatu -- in Russian, in the style of Pushkin,
Красота Вануату -- по-русски, в стиле Пушкина


Я славлю красоты рая дальнего,
Где живут люди простые и милые.
Острова Вануату, где солнце ярко светит,
Где голубое море дремлет и бьется прибой.

Волшебный оазис в Тихом океане,
Где природа великолепна и вечна.
Буйный зеленый лес и тихие ручьи,
Где живут цветы, птицы и животные свободные.

На белых песках россыпь кокосов,
А в море рыбки-клоуны плавают по кругу.
Там каждый день – как праздник и чудо,
Где живут местные и приезжие вместе.

Вулканы пылают на островах далеких,
Но души людей – бесконечно чисты.
Там, где пляжи усыпаны золотым песком,
И голоса детей звучат ярче солнца.

Дыхание природы и радость жизни,
Которые не знают ограничений и преград.
Там, где душа звучит в песнях и танцах,
И глаза блестят ярче звезд на небесах.

Такая красота – неповторима и святая,
И в сердцах людей она навсегда останется.
Острова Вануату – это мир, где все вместе,
Где души свободны и сердца открыты всегда.

Гайрик Банерджи
Апрель, год Господа нашего 2023

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