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Referral Partner (RP)


RP = Referral Partner *   VPA = Vanuatu Passport Agency
-- * Independent Contractor position   VanuatuPassportAgency.com
VPA is NOW HIRING new RPs in various suitable markets throughout the world. This page is for such potential RPs looking to be onboarded with VPA. Click on each section below to Thoroughly REVIEW the corresponding information, Before APPLYING, or Contacting us.
NOTE: RPs are 'Independent Contractors', not 'Employees'.
Chapters: I. Information &/ Documents needed from Incoming New Referral Partners for their initial Onboarding with VPA
  II. Referral Partner (RPs') Qualifications
  III. Work Content (JOB DESCRIPTION / Scope) of our RPs
  IV. Where and How do our RPs work?
  V. How does an RP get Paid?
  VI. If you are Interested ...

Chapter I.
Info & Documents
needed from
Incoming New RPs
Our website presents 'Online Business Cards' of the RPs, as a part of the TEAM.
Our Clients use these for the RPs' Verification / Contact, etc.
Listed below are the Information and Documents needed from Incoming New RPs, for inclusion in their Online Business Cards.
So, as part of their Application to join our Worldwide Team, Applicants initially need to provide us what's enumerated herein.
  Link to
Referral Partner (RP) Onboarding Form
Not Ready Yet
  If unable to use this Form at this time, all the same information and attachments can also be emailed to us.
  Click Here to send Email.
* Indicates required question
Section 1.
RP's Login Coordinates
The info related to the RP's Sign-up & Login, Userid, Password recovery, etc.
      The Email address which you will be using for this business. It is recommended that you use a separate dedicated email address for this business. We recommend using a Google Gmail or Microsoft Live email account, NOT an email tied to a specIfic company, organization or personal website.
    1.2 * USER ID
      The USER ID is chosen by the Applicant -- can be (all) Alpha, (all) Numeric, or Alpha-numeric, must be 6 to 15 characters in length.
But he can also Login using his (Primary) Email address.
    1.3 * PASSWORD
      The PASSWORD is chosen by the Applicant -- can be (all) Alpha, (all) Numeric, or Alpha-numeric; must be 6 to 15 characters in length.
      Just re-enter one more time the PASSWORD you chose. To make sure the right PASSWORD was entered.
      This is chosen by the Applicant -- can be anything the Applicant can remember as memorable.
      This is chosen by the Applicant -- a suitable ANSWER to the PASSWORD RECOVERY QUESTION -- can be anything the Applicant can remember as memorable.
Section 2.
RP's Identification
    2.1 * NAME
      Your full (legal) name (as on your Passport / Govt.-issued Photo-bearing Id documents).
    2.2 * DATE OF BIRTH IN yyyy-mm-dd FORMAT
      Your DATE OF BIRTH will be on record, and used as a way to identify you.
      Your name, as you'd like it to appear on our website. For Privacy / Security reasons, RPs can choose NOT to use their full names for their 'Online Busines Card' on our website -- review on Team page (Click Here to see).
    2.4 * MOBILE #
      Starting with '+', followed by the Country Code, e.g., for a phone # in New York City -- +1 212-555-xxxx (fictional.)
This is the phone number (and on the Communications Device) which you will be using for this business.
    2.5 * EMAIL ADDRESS 2
      Backup email address, if any
    2.6 * ASSERTION
      Have you thoroughly reviewed the information contained on OUR WEBSITE -- VanuatuPassportAgency.com?
If not yet, then please do so immediately.
     At minimum, please review the following pages --
       Vanuatu Passport Agency REFERRAL Partner Onboarding (this page that you are now viewing)
Vanuatu Passport Agency - Contact | Team page
About Vanuatu
Investment Migration, a.k.a. Millionaire Migration
Vanuatu -
    | Investment Destination
    | Financial Centre
    | Banking / Private Banking Hub
    2.7 TAGLINE
      A brief description or tagline of the RP's choice, that can appear on our website describing the RP.
This is Optional.
      A different business the RP owns, or any organization that the RP is also associated with, along with its website.
This is Optional.
      One (1) Recent, good Headshot Photo of yourself, must look businesslike.
Nothing fancy, just a simple Passport Photograph will work fine.
If you don't have this item scanned and ready, you can send this in later.
      The country which has issued the Passport you use as your primary Passport.
      The number uniquely identifying your above Passport.
      Scanned Copy of RP's current Passport -- Photo- & Id info pages.
If you don't have this scanned and ready, you can send this in later.
      RP's (Physical) Address to receive Postal / Courier Deliveries.
This will NOT be published, and will remain private in our records.
      Simple Address Proof for RP's (Physical) Address to receive Courier / Postal Deliveries -- this could be the scanned copy of any official letter or document addressed to the RP -- received at that address, e.g., a statement from a bank or brokerage or insurance or utility company.
If you don't have this item scanned and ready, you can send this in later.
Section 3.
RP's Market Territory
      This may or may not be your Passport Country, but is the country you are currently / indefinitely located in, and will be working from.
    3.2 * TIME ZONE
      The Time Zone you will be working from, expressed relative to GMT, e.g.,
'US Eastern Standard Time - UTC−05:00'.
      The 'Market area(s)' that you expect to be primarily serving. Some examples of this might be --
⦁ 'Jardins, São Paulo, Brasil'
⦁ 'Johannesburg-Sandton-Pretoria area - South Africa'
⦁ 'Hong Kong - Kowloon'
⦁ 'Shanghai - China'
⦁ 'Rawalpindi-Islamabad-Murree-Abbotabad area - Pakistan'
⦁ 'the Greater Moscow area - Russia'
⦁ 'Minsk, + All of Belarus'
⦁ 'Gujarat province - India'
⦁ 'New Defense Colony, New Delhi, NCR - India'
⦁ 'Upper Westside, Manhattan, NYC, NY, US'
    3.4 * LANGUAGE(S)
      Your primary work language(s) -- that you are natively conversant in, and which you will be using to communicate with your Clients.
      (In addition to English, which you must have a good working knowlege of -- in order to communicate with us.)
Section 4.
RP's Communications Apps
Comms. Device must have [installed] on it (as many as possible, of) the following (as different Clients / users have different preferences, and RP needs to be able to interact seamlessly with all):
    4.1 * WHATSAPP Phone #
    4.2 * TELEGRAM Phone #
    4.3 * VIBER Phone #
    4.4 SIGNAL Phone #
    4.5 BOTIM Phone #
    4.6 * SKYPE (Skype Id / Skype Name)
      (RPs must have a working Skype account on their Primary Comms. Device -- typically Mobile phone or iPad / Tab).
  Skype was the very first online communications App, and is still one of the best, very feature-rich. Allowing Group Calls, it is also a Meetings App.
  It is more private, in that it doesn't require your phone number or email to login or operate, just an userid and password; and does not reveal your phone number or email to anyone (if you don't want it to).
  This feature is of considerable importance to some Ultra-Wealthy clients, who greatly value privacy and discretion -- as they generally believe that somebody or other is always looking to part them from their [hard-earned (?)] money, by hook or by crook -- whether it's a corrupt govt. apparatchik, or an ex-wife / family-member, or an employee or business associate, or anyone else.
  Click Here to Sign-up and/or Download Skype
Section 5.
RP's Meetings Apps
The RP's (communications) Device -- Mobile / iPad / Tab -- must also have [installed] on it (as many as possible, of) the following Virtual Meetings Apps (as different Clients / users have different preferences, and RP needs to be able to interact seamlessly with all):
    5.1 * GOOGLE MEET email Address
    5.2 * ZOOM Account Id / #
    5.3 * Microsoft TEAMS Phone #
    5.4 * Cisco WEBEX User Id
    5.5 SLACK User Id
Section 6.
RP's Social Media Coordinates
The URLs / Handles for your Social Media profiles (in descending order of importance), on all the Online Communication / Social Media platforms that you have (or will have), and should be utilizing for our business, e.g.
    6.1 Linkedin
    6.2 Facebook
    6.3 Twitter
    6.4 Instagram
    6.5 Youtube
    6.6 Snapchat
    6.7 VK
    6.8 Yandex
    6.9 Reddit
    6.10 Pinterest
    6.11 Quora
    6.12 Tumblr
    6.13 Mastodon
    6.14 Discord
    6.15 Odnoklassniki
    6.16 TikTok
    6.17 Baidu
Section 7.
RP's Payment-Receiving-related Information for Record
      Legal Address (with Address Proof)
      If you don't have this item scanned and ready, you can send this in later.
      Banking / Payment-Receiving coordinates
  This can be any electronic Payment-Receiving account designated by the RP -- at a Bank, Digital Wallet, Payment Gateway, or any other option that is mutually convenient.
If you don't have this ready, you can send it in later.
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Chapter II.
Referral Partner Qualifications
  1. To do this work for us, an RP must be able to Bring us Clients / Customers who will be Vanuatu CBI (Citizenship-By-Investment program) and Passport INVESTORS.
This is the Most IMPORTANT Qualification.
  2. In order to communicate with us -- an RP must have a good working knowlege of English.
  3. An RP must be Fluent and Competent in -- Understanding, Speaking, Reading and Writing -- the language(s) spoken
  by the Client(s)
  in the Market(s)
that RP will serve.
  4. The RPs must be able to regard their potential customers -- with understanding, appreciation and empathy.
  5. Of course, these potential customers must have both the NEED and the FUNDS to invest in Vanuatu Citizenship / Passport(s).
  The Client(s) have to PAY for the Service we are offering.
  That is How We Earn our income, and the only way we can pay our RPs.
  Wealth Managers
  Public Accountants / Auditors
  Parties practicing in the area of Bankruptcy / Insolvency matters
All with an existing 'Book' of suitable Wealthy Clients with whom they've done business in the past.
These above several categories being among the best 'prior work experience' background / qualifications for an RP.
Our RPs should have the Reach to such potential customers.
This Reach can be through their Personal Social Circles, of course -- the people they know and are close to, people who will listen to them and do what they suggest.
This is particularly applicable in the case of RPs coming from a prior professional background as above [PREFERRED PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND].
But mostly, this Reach may be through each RP's online Social Media Reach.
We prefer RPs who have a very large Reach and Footprint in Social Media.
For this reason, some of the best profiles for our RPs are as under --
8-a-1. Social Media "Influencers"
8-a-2. Digital Marketers
8-a-3. Social Media Experts
8-a-4. Youtubers (with large followings)
8-a-5. People who have a very large engagement with Social Media / Online Communications platforms (e.g., highly Active WhatsApp Groups / Telegram Groups).
  8-b. Such Social Media / Online Communications platforms might include:
8-b-01. Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/
8-b-02. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/
8-b-03. Twitter https://www.twitter.com/
8-b-04. Instagram https://www.instagram.com/
8-b-05. WhatsApp https://www.whatsapp.com/
8-b-06. Youtube https://www.youtube.com/
8-b-07. Snapchat https://www.snapchat.com/
8-b-08. Telegram https://telegram.org/
8-b-09. VK https://www.vk.com/
8-b-10. Yandex https://www.yandex.ru/
8-b-11. Reddit https://www.reddit.com/
8-b-12. Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/
8-b-13. Quora https://www.quora.com/
8-b-14. Tumblr https://www.tumblr.com/
8-b-15. Mastodon https://mastodon.social/
8-b-16. Discord https://discord.com/
8-b-17. Odnoklassniki https://odnoklassniki.com/
8-b-18. TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/
8-b-19. Baidu https://www.baidu.com/
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Chapter III.
(RPs' Scope of Work / Work Content)
The work involved in successfully completing the Award of a Vanuatu Passport to a Client -- is composed mainly of the following:
  1. Finding and Identifying, and making List(s) of potential Client Prospects (LEAD GENERATION).
  2. Researching each Client Prospect before reaching out to them.
  3. Reaching each such Client Prospect.
  4. Presenting the proposition of the Vanuatu 'Passport by Investment' to the Client. Our website should contain all the information and links you need -- to educate yourself or your Clients.
  5. Understanding the Clients' circumstances and needs, tactical and strategic -- and then ascertaining that there is a clear and excellent match between what the Client needs and what we have to offer.
  6. Convincing the Client that it is the BEST option for him, IF INDEED IT IS (we do not want any Client to Invest in a Vanuatu citizenship, if it is not in his own best interests to do so).
  7. Collecting (from the Client) the information needed for the Pre-Approval of the Client, then compiling it all neatly in a single (electronic) folder and forwarding to us to review and for for onward transmission to the Vanuatu Authorities for their final review and (Pre-)Approval.
  8. Once this Pre-Approval is received -- Following up with the Client to collect ALL his Supporting Documentation needed for his Application.
  9. Next -- Getting the Client to Finish Filling Out, and then Submit the Application -- the Brochures and Forms available for download from this website itself.
  10. Making sure that the Client Remits his Dues -- On Time -- directly to VIMB's bank account.
  11. Once the Final Vanuatu Citizen Approval goes through -- communicating the same to the Client.
  12. Once the Online Swearing-In Ceremony is arranged -- Making sure that the Client attends the online Swearing-In ceremony.
  13. Making sure that the Client physically receives his Certificate of Citizenship and Vanuatu Passport.
  14. If the Client wants to visit Vanuatu and needs our services with his exploratory trip or relocation - immediately inform us, so that we can get the Vanuatu in-country team to get started with the Client, and do the needful, whatever help we can give the client -- travel, hotel-stay, in-Vanuatu tourism, initial business meetings, if appropriate, including banking options, legal resources, insurance, real estate ... Point the Clients to the below pages for their review.
    1. Vanuatu Investment & Financial Hub
    2. About Vanuatu -- including Govt. Resources
  15. Keeping all sides informed at every stage during the process about what is happening, with each Client.
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Chapter IV.
Where and How do our RPs work?
A. Our RPs can be located in any country.  The only driving criterion is that they have access to Clients who Invest in our Vanuatu 'Passport by Investment' program.
A-1. Momentarily, there is a tendency to focus on Russians looking for Safe Passage / Sanctuary from the ongoing misfortune in that part of the world; and a thrust to recruit Russian-speaking RPs. But of course this will be co-terminous with the War / "Special Military Operation".
A-2. But there are many other countries with significant numbers of people looking for a 2nd Passport and Investment Migration programs.  Turkiye, Brazil, South Africa, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh are amongst these places.
A-3. Interestingly enough, there are the most of such people (seekers of 2nd Passports / Foreign Residencies) in the USA, the UK, France, the EU and Canada. This is a reflection of the greater cultural freedom and higher levels of awareness about this topic in these societies.
A-4. Even people in Saudi Arabia and the wealthy Arab Oil States are also customers for this service.
A-5. We try to service ALL these customer profiles.
B. For our RPs, there are no fixed Office Hours, or the need to come to work in our office in your country (even if we have one).  It's totally flexible.  You set your own hours, schedule, place you work from, ... everything.
C. You can work from home, an office you have, or a Coffee Shop, or anywhere else that suits your needs and that of your Clients.
D. Most communications and meetings you have -- will be online -- say, meetings with any member(s) of our team.
E. As long as you bring us Clients who are Qualified, Serious, Interested, Ready, Willing and Able to INVEST in one or more Vanuatu Passport(s), and they go ahead and apply, pay, and receive their Citizenship & Passport -- we get our compensation from Vanuatu.  And you make a decent income as our RP.
F. As our RP, your income will depend on how effective you are -- in FINDING CLIENTS and Closing these deals with the Clients.
In addition to being a RP for VanuatuPassportAgency.com, you can also additionally choose to do some work for one of our sister companies, say DC Mauritius / Dubai.  That can be a very good additional source of income for you, if you are interested in the International Financial Services & Investments Advisory business (you may have to get certified for this, in your country -- we can certainly try to help with this).
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Chapter V.
How do our RPs earn their income?
A. The Client pays what the Vanuatu Government charges, and pays -- NOT to Us -- but directly to the Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau (VIMB) -- the organization designated by the Vanuatu government.
B. When a Client INVESTS (the prescribed amount) with the Vanuatu Government and is awarded a Vanuatu Passport, the Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau (VIMB) pays us a Commission, for the service we provide.
C. This Commission is our source of INCOME.
D. We split our Commission Income -- received by us from V.I.M.B. on account of any particular Client (Passport Investor) -- with the RP who made the sale to that Client.
E. This is how our RPs are paid.
F. Note that if the Client does not get the Passport, i.e., there's no payment from the Client to V.I.M.B., then there will be no payment coming our way sourced from the Vanuatu government.  Then, we cannot pay the RP either.
G. Also note that our RPs are 'Independent Contractors', NOT our 'Employees'. They do NOT get any Salary, or government-mandated 'Social Benefits' from us, just Commissions on their Sales.
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Section VI.
If you are interested
to work with us as an RP,
please contact us by email
(from one of the Email links
on the Team page)

Click Here

A. But first, thoroughly review the material, the detailed information, all the Forms, Brochures, other documents ... that are presented on this website.
B. The best way to do that is to go to the Site Map, and then go to every page on this website linked there.
C. Pay particular attention to the following:
C-01. The RP Onboarding page,
and all the Brochures / Forms linked therefrom -- that's THIS page you are reading now.
C-02. Millionaire Migration or Investment Migration
C-03. Second Passports
C-04. Why Vanuatu Passports are the BEST Second Passports
C-05. Wealth & Asset Management -- anywhere in the world (generally the jurisdictions most advantageous to Clients)
|  Offshore HoldCos  | Structuring
|  Banking Facilitation
C-06. Vanuatu:
Investment Destination,
Financial Centre &
Banking | Private Banking Hub
C-07. About Vanuatu
D. Read every page.
E. Make sure you understand all of it.
F. Research and verify the information to ascertain that we are saying is accurate.
G. Note that one of the Brochures is in Russian, but all the Vanuatu Government Forms are going to be in English.
H. Later, when you start work as our RP, we will work out the rest of the logistics needed.
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